Jar Labels

We have 40 years’ experience printing labels.

Custom printed jar and bottle labels are synonymous with food labelling.

Whether your brand or business produces condiments, spreads or relishes then we’re sure to be able to help you bring your brand’s identity to life using state of the art digital printing and a comprehensive range of industry ready materials.

We offer a comprehensive range of materials for food products packaged in glass jars. The choice of label material largely depends on two factors; the products branding and positioning and functionality. We stock a range of textured papers which help brands achieve an artisanal or organic look as well as thin polymeric films for food products that contain oils. Using thin Polypropylene (PP) films help avoid label staining.

Often, the margins involved when producing and selling products in food jars are not that high, it’s therefore imperative for brand owners to be able to source label production as cost effectively as possible; we also stock a range of cost-effective materials that allow brands to procure their jar labels within a specified budget without forgoing quality.

For brands with premium products and limited editions, we are able to offer premium label embellishments such as hot foil stamping and embossing. These finishes are traditionally used heavily within the wine and spirits sectors but in recent times have found their way onto product labelling of artisanal and specialty food jars.

Hot foil stamping is traditionally used to add premium metallic elements to labels, usually on jar front labels or centrally on wrap-around labels; essentially in areas that have the highest impact and create perceived value to potential customers.

As more brands look to extend product ranges with new flavours or seasonal products, the more digital label printing comes to the fore. Digital label printing allows brands to produce labels for different products without the need for any plate setup costs. Food brands can now produce labels for their core ranges whilst bolting on labels for new products.

Digital label printing also allows brands to produce personalised jar labels on rolls at scale. Recent trends have shown brands choosing to print the names of customers on their labels and even ‘Dad’ to coincide with Father’s Day celebrations. The truth is that company’s data and big data in general can be used to help marketers create ever more personalised marketing campaigns for their brands. Personalised labels can obviously be a valuable element in such efforts.


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