Beer Bottle Labels

We have 40 years’ experience printing labels.

Brewing beer is a genuine craft. It takes passion and precision to get the result that you are looking for.

It’s therefore only right that you don’t have just any old beer label representing your time, effort and investment.

With increasing competition, a mouth-watering brew, great label design, premium material and upholding functionality are a must. Whether you are brewing ale, lager, craft beer or stout, make Labelz your go-to label printing company in the UK.

The craft beer market has exploded in recent years. There has also been a large shift from glass beer bottles to aluminium cans in commercial breweries over the last two years.

Beer bottle labels are beginning to show many similarities to wine labelling (premium finishing and materials) whereas can labels are a little more restricted due to the wet filling process. At Labelz, we’re happy to discuss both options.

Your packaging and design help tell your potential customers what to expect from your products. The design catches the eye first and the material gives an impression of the quality you’re delivering with your products. For beer bottles – whether it’s plastic or glass – you have the option to attach three different kinds of labels on them.

Neck Label: Nice to have, but not essential. It’s a small label around the neck of your bottle label. Good for telling people how special your beverages are.

Back Label: The most important label in terms of legal requirements. The back label features all the valid consumer data like alcoholic strength, volume details, producer or expiration date.

Front Label: This one is all about selling your bottles. Your front label should grab customers’ attention and say ‘Buy me!’.

Wrap-Around Label: This type of label combines both the front and reverse label into one; suitable for both 330ml and 500ml beer bottles and popular amongst craft breweries.

Our Materials
Choose a material for your beer label that your potential customers will remember and which reflects the character of your beverages. Add a touch of premium finishing to help differentiate your product and its packaging; let it stand out both on the shelves of supermarkets and on e-commerce websites.

In our online calculator we offer the following films and papers:

  • High-gloss white Paper
  • Matt white Paper
  • Textured white Paper
  • Textured off-white Paper
  • Metallic-coated Paper
  • Glossy white PE Film
  • Transparent PP Film

Are you looking for something more specific? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We have many more materials in stock.


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